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In current times, we constantly strive to increase competitive advantage for our companies. This is achieved through the creation of new products, creating new marketing campaigns, thinking about new ways to motivate salesmen. However, we should keep in mind that it is also important to optimize costs within our company, in accordance with the rule that every dollar removed from the costs passed directly to profit.

Main service our company Logmar is logistics consulting, in which the most important tool is  audit of management systems that focuses on optimization of logistics costs.

As a result such an audit, management receives information on which stage are logistics solutions are used in their company and what changes should be made to substantially improve effectiveness of existing solutions. Our assistance can be expanded to planing, implementation and monitoring of agreed changes and improvements.

In our work we focus on examination of the following areas of company:






Increasing the efficiency in these areas has the biggest impact on PRODUCTIVITY of company.

In many cases only organisational changes are necessary to increase the efficiency to a higher level.

After planing of changes my company taking part in the implementation very actively.  Together with our customer we launch a process of choosing contributors (tenders) and we help during negotiations with suppliers. We are also very active inside the company - we are teaching employees and explaining them sense of changes. 

Our customers after our consultancy are equipped with controlling tools which enable monitoring of the direction and the quality of changes .

My company cooperates with experts, which have a lot of experience in logistics, project management, and have been working for leading logistics operators. 

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